Creativity Cubed!


Hello and Happy New Year to you all!

By way of kicking off this year’s series of Tortenschloss Chronicles, we’re going to be experimenting with a new approach.

Story cubes!

Essentially they’re a set of dice, nine in all, with the face of each cube bearing an image designed to be a trigger for the imagination. The idea is you roll them, pick out one picture as your starting point and proceed to tell a story using the nine images. Simple!

My randomly determined set of images are depicted above – and listed below.


Moon (Crescent)








Make of that what you will, say the dice. My mission – and I’ve chosen to accept it – is to write a story built around that lot.

I’d never encountered these cubes before but received a set as a Christmas gift, so it struck me as a fun idea to have a go at applying them towards the creation of some Tortenschloss tales. I’ll be writing the first instalment of the first story over this weekend and, inspiration willing, will post it on Monday. Then we’ll see, as always, where the story takes us.

Should be an entertaining challenge.

Watch this space, as they say.

Alternatively, rather than remain a passive spectator, feel free to dash off your own stories using the same set of images for your inspiration. Join us on the journey and embark on journeys of your own.

Bon voyage. And regardless of whether you’re a reader or a writer or both, I hope you enjoy the coming year’s batch of Tortenschloss Chronicles.

Here we go again!


SAF Jan 2014

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