Tortenschloss Chronicles


Tortenschloss is inhabited by a great many adventurers of all shapes and sizes besides the central heroes. Some of them play minor roles, some feature in ‘cameos’. So while the heroes (rightly) get most of the attention in the main story, I thought it would be fun to explore some of these other (some would say ‘lesser’, but don’t let them know that!) heroes and their adventures here.

As well as a means of getting to know some of the inhabitants, it should offer a chance to visit other places in the Tortenschloss world.

I say ‘should’ because these tales are works in progress and are largely ‘made up as I go along’. So I won’t always know where they’re leading. We’ll just have to hope the characters let me know some time before the end.

Above all they are an exercise in creativity. The approach with these stories is generally to write a little from time to time (in the spaces between other projects!) and see where the words take us. Readers are free to comment, point out where these tales could be improved, which characters they prefer or even suggest twists and turns they could take if ideas occur.

The adventure begins anew on January 14th 2013. Watch this space.

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